Bright Sounds is an electronic and experimental dance label and music studio based in BERLIN, Funkhaus. 

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BLUNT - Paradox Interactive EP

Release date: January 15, 2021

Bright Sounds welcomes BLUNT. The new musical project by Paris based graffiti artist and creative Vincent Desmont where he connects the dots between his musical outings and his visual works. 

Over the course of four tracks he delivers a lively package of warm and driven dubtechno. On 'Desmont Cure' there's a sparkling lead melody wrapped up in playful drums. '1N0N1' is a fierce follow up with its dub heavy pads and an unstoppable groove which results in a true dancefloor energizer. The b-side continues this path with two heady groovers with hefty stabs and smoothly rippling riffs. Its a complete and well rounded debut on the ever reliable and fresh Bright Sounds imprint.

BNJMN - Senseï EP

Release date: September 27, 2019

BNJMN returns to Bright Sounds with Sensei; following on from the
foundations laid by his “Final Network” EP released in the spring
of 2018 he again showcases the melodic, yet hypnotic and
pulsating side of his sound that he has become renowned for.
Starting with the almost house-like “Soared Above”, synths fly over
syncopated rhythms which build and then descend into something harsher and earthier.
“Intercellular” goes somewhat harder, yet still retaining the hypnotism and lightness of touch which will
suit most hours in the club.
The title track is an exercise in restraint, one for the early hours when everything blurs and only the space
in between the sounds carry you along.
“Walking Into Yourself” showcases the dreamiest side of BNJMN, in slowing down the BPM the producer
shows the intricate details of his sound; letting the listener in on a dense forestlike journey.